Products Ranges

Oem Mattress

  • 4 in 1 sleep system

  • 100% Natural Latex

  • Anti Dust Mite

  • Anti Static Protection

  • Automatic Protection

  • Foam box Protection

  • Memory Latex

  • Nano Ag Technology

  • Rubberized Natural Fibre

  • Super Elastic Knit

  • Wool

Maus Industries Bedding was founded in 1969. Since then we have been engaged in developing, constructing and manufacturing innovative, high-grade, high-quality 100% natural latex mattresses. Today, the company exports to Asia Pacific and Europe since its incorporation and enjoys strong customer loyalty.

Through continuous innovation, we could tailor made your needed composition of mattress and pillow under your own brand label. In line with this, we still control our quality and comfort level up to standard that will not disappointment your end consumer.

Maus Industries Bedding responds to customer requirements and expectations in the most professional manner. Our products and processes are subjected to continuous development and improvement to provide our customers the highest quality along with the highest cost savings.

A high standard of quality has always been the measure of our work. All Maus Industries Bedding mattresses goes through stringent quality control before being shipped.

As a pioneer in natural latex industry, Maus Industries uses only Malaysian latex, it embodies assurance for comfort and trust for high performance in latex products. This well known fact enhances our belief in bringing the best gift of our homeland to the world.

It is precious because 500 cups of Natural Latex needs to be collected to produce a 100% Natural Latex Mattress. And only 30% of pure latex in a cup collected are usable.