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100% Natural Latex Pillow

The dynamic design of MAUS 100% Natural Latex Pillow provides the perfect anatomical support for your head, neck and shoulders during your sleep and it I suitable for all age groups.

  • Award S Pillow

    size 62 x 37 x 14cm

    100% Natural Latex

    This pillow is made from 100% Natural Latex, provides excellent ventilation and cooling comfort. The Award "S" Pillow provides ultimate comfort using Plush Luxury Latex. Suitable for all age group

  • 2 Zone Pillow

    size 60 x 35 x 12cm

    100% Natural Latex

    This pillow is recommended for both adults and teenagers. The pillow uses exclusive 2 Zones design for extra head support, covered with soft knit white TC stretch material. The contoured design provides strong support for the head and neck

  • Windy Pillow

    size 65 x 38 x 15cm

    100% Natural Latex

    The WIndy Latex Pillow uses unique thru-air construction design, which ensures full air circulation for a fresh and refreshing nights' sleep while providing ultimate support and comfort for the head and neck

  • Galaxy Pillow

    size 61 x 40 x 13cm

    100% Natural Latex

    Made from the highest quality latex, this pillow provides superior resilience. The pillow is specially created for heavier individual group whom seek ultimate head and neck support. The firm consistency of this pillow also makes it suitable for adults

  • Massage Pillow

    size 57 x 34 x 12cm

    100% Natural Latex

    Unique computerized design for head and neck support. Optional choice of higher or lower contoured neck position. Special convoluted design provides individual "pressure point massage" during sleep. Regular use corrects allignment of neck, shoulder and spine

  • Contour Pillow

    size 63 x 37 x 13cm

    100% Natural Latex

    Suitable for adults. Natural contour shaped design to provide head, neck and shoulder support necessary for the relief of tension during your sleep

  • Aroma Pillow

    size 58 x 34 x 13cm

    100% Natural Latex

    This pillow is suitable for all age groups with natural comfort to provide perfect anatomical support for the head and neck

  • 3D Junior Pillow

    size 48 x 37 x 11cm

    100% Natural Latex

    Small sized pillow suitable for ages 4 years to 12 years. Enhanced support designed for neck and shoulder. Each end provides different sleeping height for suitable comfort