1 What is Natural Latex?

Natural Latex is tapped from the rubber tree, and we use only the best latex from Malaysia. Made into mattresses, latex is the naturally durable cushioning material available, with excellent resiliency that provides for the best sleeping comfort.

2 Will it support my back?

Mattress made from 100% Natural Latex provides superior support and pressure relief. By gently conforming to your every contour of your sleeping position, latex provides the support compared to any other bedding materials.

3 How does Natural Latex compare with Synthetic Latex?

100% Natural Latex cost more but is non-toxic, clean and safe. Synthetic Latex is made of 100% petrochemicals and is less durable compared to Natural Latex, which has a stronger elasticity and elongation strength.

4 How does Natural Latex compare with Memory Foam?

100% Natural Latex Mattresses is far more superior and offer a higher comfort level compared with memory foam. Natural Latex provides instant comfort and instant recovery but memory foam provides slow recovery. Furthermore, Natural Latex is Eco-friendy safe as it uses natural raw materials in its production whereas memory foam is made from 100% chemicals.

5 Why does Natural Latex have a certain smell?

Some people who are sensitive to smell might notice the odor of natural latex after it is unwrapped from its packaging. This occurs as there is no air ventilation in the packing but it will be natural aired over time, as the natural latex is allowed to 'breathe' out of its wrapped bag.

6 Is it hot to sleep on Natural Latex mattresses?

No, our natural latex is 'breathable' and has millions of ventilating built-in air bubbles for cooler air circulation. Whereas, Synthetics and polyesters are hot because they do not allow moiture to evaporate as they retain moiture and lock the humidity in.

7 What is the difference between 100% Natural Latex and 100% Latex?

100% Natural Latex is a natural product with the latex derived from rubber tree, from Mother Earth. 100% Latex is a man-made product, synthetic and made from 100% chemicals.

8 What is latex allergy?

Latex allergy is an issue of public concern for a small group of the public exposed to a protein found in natural latex that caused allergy reactions. The majority of these cases involved those who came in direct contact with medical products. Non-skin contact product, such as mattresses and pillows, do not pose a latex allergy problem as they are covered with fabric material. In addition, our natural latex mattress and pillow are hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites and are naturally resistant to mold and mildem.